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Attendance Update

Thank you to all parents who have helped us to improve our attendance figures. As a school, our attendance is now above the national average for all pupils (and was never much below), however, we still have an issue with the attendance of children who are eligible for the Pupil Premium where nearly half of this relatively small group fall within the 96% and below attendance band and 17% of whom fall within the 90% and below band (persistent absentees). The same is also true for pupils with special educational needs. Both of these groups are just above the national absence figures for these groups. Please could we ask all parents to keep any absences from school to an absolute minimum. We will now be monitoring these groups closely and are held to strict account for all pupil absence, authorised or not.


Following our recent inspection, we will be changing our attendance policy. Please note the following information which is also contained on our website:-


Good attendance and punctuality is an important issue for our school as it is for all schools. The minimum national expectation is that each child should attend school for 93% of the year. In practice, we want all of our children to attend every day except:-


1. In cases of serious illness when to attend school would be of no benefit to them, would slow their recovery and potentially spread infection to others.

School is happy to advise on NHS recommendations regarding school attendance for a variety of illnesses and conditions – You may be surprised that few conditions necessitate absence from school and, where absence is necessary, the recommended periods of exclusion are often quite short.

2. Within 48 hours of the last episode of vomiting or diarrhoea.


Attendance is now monitored daily for all children with 96% attendance or below, weekly as a school (including the different groups within school). Concerns are shared with staff, parents and, where appropriate, the Local Authority Attendance and welfare Service. Where a child is absent for more than 10% of their possible schooling (persistent absenteeism), or where there are concerns raised by staff about the frequency and / or patterns of absence, school will write to parents to make them aware of our concerns. The attendance of those children will be monitored. If concerns remain, we have a duty to escalate the matter to the Local Authority Attendance and Welfare Service who will make home visits and discuss possible further action including legal processes.


It is important to communicate with school if your child is off school sick, giving the reason for the absence. Where we are aware of genuine hardship, we will be sensitive to individual circumstances. This does not, however, remove our duty to ensure that all children receive the education to which they are entitled, a duty for which we are held to account. It is the responsibility of school either to authorise the absence or not. Term time holidays will not usually be authorised, except in exceptional circumstances. As well as missing out on their education, frequent absence may also indicate safeguarding issues and may result in a referral to Social Care, highlighting possible child protection concerns.