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Children's University Graduation 2016

Congratulations to the following children who graduated this week from Sefton’s Children’s University in a ceremony held at Edge Hill University in Ormskirk. The children achieved a range of awards depending on the number of credits earned through their participation in extra-curriculum and enrichment activities. Well done to:-


Year 2 – Daniel Bendle  Jole Brown   Thomas Cowan   Lee Fairbrother   Daniel Ferrari  

Luke Harborne-Evason   Liam Molyneux   William Smith   Joshua Taylor-May   Lucy Brayshaw  

Daniel Crane   Teddy Dougherty   George riley   Jake Sexton   Elizabeth Fox   Jennifer Swift   Caspar Kenyon   Oliver Park   Madeline Swinden   Harvey Thompson   James Billing   Henry Lawrence  and  Ben Mitchell  


Year 6 – Festus Horridge   Archie Doyle   Emily Melia   Joe Rigby   Molly Lloyd   Abbey McLaren   

Georgia Brown   Isobella Macdonald   Ryan Schnieders   James Brookes   Andrew Kimmance   Corey Martin   Jack Yarwood   Reema Fraser   Heather Austin   Amelia Grimshaw   Matthew Purdy   Sophie Kilkelly  

Kyle Brown   Yasmin Jones   Maisie Corlett   Hannah Glover   Felice Casstles   Verity Casstles  

Harrison Eccles   Ria Fessey   Oliver Bedwell   and    Katie Holloran  


A special mention to Katie Holloran  who won our Outstanding Achiever Award.


Thank you also to Miss Bayley for coordinating our participation in the Children’s University.