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HM Queen's 90th Birthday - A Royal garden Party

Weather permitting, we are planning to hold an afternoon of Celebration on Friday 10th June to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday (that weekend will see the other main official celebrations to mark the event).


We will be holding a  “Royal Garden Party” at lunchtime with some other special activities to finish the day.


Arrangements for the Garden Party


  • If your child usually has a school lunch (or free school meal), Mrs. Causey and the kitchen staff will prepare buffet-style party food for the children - to be enjoyed outside (hopefully!) on the school field. If your child does not usually have a school dinner but would like to have the party food prepare by  the kitchen on that day, you must return the slip on the letter going home today (Friday 13th May) to us by Friday 20th May so that the kitchens can place the appropriate food orders.
  • If your child wants a packed-lunch – also hopefully to be eaten outside - (the only food prepared by the kitchen on that day will be party food), we will leave it up to you to decide the style of food that you think appropriate for the celebration.


It is important that all parents return the slip attached to the letter, indicating whether or not you would like your child to have a school dinner on that day.


Finally – as the day celebrates an event of national significance, we are requesting that the children come to school on that day dressed in red white and / or blue – the colours can be in any combination of clothing. We hope that this will not prove too difficult to arrange and that it will add to the special feel of the day.