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Little Princess Trust - Can You Help?

“My name is Kitty, I am 5 years old - very nearly 6, just 10 weeks to go!!

On Saturday 26th November I will be getting my long hair cut into a bob.

I would like to get my hair cut so that it can be made into a wig for a poorly little boy or girl.  My hair is really long and thick so hopefully it will make a lovely, cosy wig and make someone happy.

My hair will grow back, so that makes me happy too :)”


Kitty Kenyon, one of our Year 1  pupils has decided to cut her hair as a fundraising effort to support the Little Princess Trust charity. If you would like to support her, please consider making a donation through the following link:-

The Little Princess Trust:

Provides real hair wigs for children suffering hair loss due to cancer treatment. The families aren’t charged for these wigs.

Also helps children with alopecia and other illnesses causing hair loss.

Helps both boys and girls.

Helps children all over the UK and Ireland.

Has never turned down a child needing help.

Provides wigs at a cost to the charity of approximately £350. The normal retail price is £2000 and wigs are usually delivered within two or three weeks.