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London Marathon Sponsorship

On the 23rd April 2017, Helen Monaghan, the mother of Erin Hepburn in Year 2, will be taking on the challenge of running the 26.2 miles of The London Marathon in aid of the charity Spinal Research.

Spinal Research is the UKs leading charity in this field, funding medical research around the world to develop treatments for paralysis caused by Spinal Cord Injury.

Every day in the U.K. 3 people will be told that they may never walk again. As a Spinal Nurse Specialist, Helen works with patients who are in the acute stage of Spinal Cord Injury and is often involved in that heartbreaking conversation. If you are able to offer any sponsorship, no matter how small, please use the link below.


We will also be doing some fundraising as a school later on in the year.