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SMILE Challenge 2016

Year 5, along with many other Y5/6 classes across Sefton, were invited to take part in the £10 SMILE Challenge, which is funded and organised by Windmills' charity.

Year 5 were asked to consider their community and what kind of impact they might make using a budget of £10 and their own ingenuity and hard work. The children decided they would like to work alongside older people in our community. We then organised a Grandparents' Day by dividing into 6 groups and each organising an activity. The children were given IPads and asked to cost their own activity and plan what would take place.

During the planned day, Suzanne Sweeney from Windmills' came to visit to ask the children what skills and talents they had shared, how meaningful the activities were, what impact it had and what legacy would be left. The children gave thoughtful and articulate answers. Clearly, they had given much consideration to the planning process, costing and implementation of this project. As their teacher I was impressed by their maturity and proud of their conduct. They were all great ambassadors for our school.

When asked, one Grandparent said: 'it was lovely to spend time with my grandchild within their school environment, everyone was so welcoming and we had a great day getting to know all the children and their teacher'.

All the schools that took part were invited to a celebration event to showcase what they had done. Eight Year 5 children, some parents, a school governor and some grandparents accompanied me to the event to share our success with others. Another school commented 'Your grandparents must be very proud of you', while the organisers said, ' Fantastic - we are amazed by all you've achieved. You've created a lasting smile for everybody, well done'.

Mrs. Monahan