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Southport School Councils Celebration

Last Wednesday evening, there was a special ceremony at Melos Cop High School in Southport to celebrate the work of the various school councils that cooperate together in Southport. Shoreside, along with most primary, secondary and special schools, is a member of the Southport Learning Partnership which seeks to promote joint-working between the schools by promoting common educational activities and the sharing of ideas and resources. This year Shoreside, together with other local schools, has been involved in promoting community cohesion amongst the generations, working in close cooperation with Ainsdale Community Care. A special award was also made to Ben Mitchell in Year 2. Ben was responsible for suggesting the idea of a common Southport -wide collection for the Southport Foodbank as part of the Love My Community Day held last year. The idea was taken up by the Southport Learning Partnership and became a common project for all schools, providing a great deal of support for needy members of our local community