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Wally Cain Dance Festival

Last Thursday evening the following children took part in a wonderful performance of their dance based on the Legend of the Giant’s Causeway. The dance was choreographed by Mrs. Beale, who also plays a prominent role in the organisation of the Festival, and was based upon the children’s ideas. Well done to:


Simone Jones   Daniel Gregoire   Lizzie McCoy   Phoenix Lawson   Henry Maw   Tom Weekes   Grace Rennie   Finley Davidson   Molly Geissler   JemimahThrelfall   David Alty   James Alty   Libby Glenning   Harry Duffy   Jamie Hinchy   Ben Shanley   Erin Birch   Imogen Lloyd   Kimberley Parks   Abigail Bates   Kieran Moogan   Harvey Sewell   Ella Cowan   Megan Graney   Paige Stoddart   Andrew Brown   Willian Stickland   and   Annie Geissler