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Year 6 and Year 2 Tests

Statutory tests will be taking place for all Year 6 children during the week of Monday 9th May – Thursday 12th May.




Monday 8th May

English Reading

Tuesday 9th May

English Grammar, Spelling and Punctuation – Short answer questions and spellings (2 papers).

Wednesday 10th May

Maths papers 1 & 2, Arithmetic and reasoning.

Thursday 11th May

Maths paper 3 - Reasoning


Please can you make sure that your child attends school promptly during that week and that out of school appointments are kept to a minimum. No absences will be authorised as in previous years. You may find the following advice helpful:-


  1. Please make sure that your child has a good rest on the day before their tests and that they go to bed early and get plenty of sleep.


  1. The children may bring in snacks and water during the tests to provide “brain fuel.”


  1. The tests must be completed on the timetabled day for Y6 children.


Children in Year 2 are also being assessed during the following week (the week beginning 15th May) and the same advice we would request that any absence from school is kept to a minimum.